Singapore's 30


Spatial / Interior Designers

Singapore's 30 Influential Spatial/Interior Designers Award celebrates the remarkable contributions and achievements of thirty outstanding professionals in the field of spatial and interior design.
Recognizing excellence, innovation, and impact, this prestigious accolade honors individuals who have significantly influenced and shaped the design landscape in Singapore and beyond.

Eligibility Criteria

*Singapore Citizen / Permanent Resident

Submission Formats

*Submission consisting of;

  1. Projects
  2. Journals / Publications
  3. Moment / Campaigns
  4. Awards / Accolades

*Submission content must clearly demonstrate application of one of the following requirements;

  1. Body of works consisting of projects both either in Singapore and overseas. Demonstrating innovative solutions and excellent environmental and spatial awareness.
  2. Published articles or interviews on main stream media platforms
  3. Entrants must be active participants or activists of design related associations
  4. Any form of design awards and accolades from recognised institutions and organisations.
  5. Entrant must be an Accredited ID under SIDAS level 1 or 2