Lee Liting

Lee Liting


Nitton Architects
In the pursuit of beauty, I believe we must first find ways to uncover truth. Design is one of the tools for navigating this process of discovery.
Project Synopsis #1 - HOUSE IN A FLAT

Design for the interiors of this HDB 5-room apartment is driven by aspirations to create a mini house out of a humble flat unit. Spatial layering forms a dominant language in the design - space seems to multiply and become enriched when it embraces a spectrum of malleability. With a purist approach toward architectural space making, confines of an apartment give way to a liberating way of living.

Project Synopsis #2 - A GENTLE ABODE

This HDB 4-room apartment has a delicate poise from crafted transitions between spaces and expressive materiality. Awash with a pastel calmness, artisanal accents further impart a gentle touch to the living spaces. The homeowners’ request for maximised openness, and having the option to enclose a study / guest room and master bedroom separately led the studio to explore design solutions for flexible configuration of spaces.

Project Synopsis #3 - MIDTOWN RETREAT

Created as a seamless living space that is generously proportioned for a spectrum of daily activities, this HDB 4-room apartment is in a way an everyday staycation home – a calming backdrop for one to slow down and enjoy the tempo of life. The materiality of natural white oak cladding, rattan panels and solid brass accents exudes a satisfying consonance of tactility.