Quck Zhong Yi

Quck Zhong Yi


Design is the purposeful making of spaces with meaning, that build connection, and improve lives.
Project Synopsis #1 - Apertures

In a ground floor unit of the Tiong Bahru Conservation estate, this project was designed to balance daylight and privacy while harmonising old and new. Each window becomes an aperture whose transparency is fine-tuned via both the angle of the pivot screens and the alignment of its two layers. The brass screens filter daylight and wash the dining room in a warm glow, highlighting the golden brown aggregates of the terrazzo flooring and the existing red brick wall.

Project Synopsis #2 - Envelope House

This multi-generational home in Singapore is designed as a landscaped double-skinned house, with an outer envelope enclosing both a layer of greenery and an indoor courtyard garden. The double skin and its vegetation shield the house from the harsh western sun and blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors, creating a language for tropical architecture. A staircase and skybridge crosses a triple-volumed indoor water garden, bringing nature indoors and into the residents’ everyday life.

Project Synopsis #3 - NATIONAL DAY PARADE – 2018 STAGE

Wanting to create a visually porous stage integrated with Marina Bay, we used the urban design strategies of tiering, layering, porosity, and material dialogue. Like a grand public plaza, grand steps and ramps lead up to a set of swivel screens that evokes a stately colonnade, responding to the scale of the skyscrapers. The colours of Marina Bay are used in a tessellated pentagon pattern that radiating from centre stage, merging the stage and the bay.