Selwyn Low

Selwyn Low


Design is an opportunity to forge new meanings and relationships with the world around us.
Having approached a diverse range of projects in a cross-disciplinary manner, this award reaffirms my belief that good design is both holistic and user-centric.
Project Synopsis #1 - Aesop 1 Utama

Aesop 1 Utama alludes to Selangor’s rich history in tin mining using corrugated metal sheets, a humble material commonly used in roof structures all over Malaysia. The sheets are re-adapted in inventive ways, without losing their essential character and materiality. Densely stacked corrugated metal sheets form a shelving system featuring its undulating ribbed profile, while concrete elements are cast to echo the corrugated patterns. The ubiquitous roofing sheet becomes strangely familiar in the store and heightens one’s awareness of its innate qualities.

Project Synopsis #2 - The Great Madras

The Great Madras is drawn from the great character of the community and Art Deco architecture of its Little India precinct. The spirit – not just the shell – of Art Deco and the colour of Little India are embodied, re-interpreted and re-invigorated to build on the existing heritage of the site. The Great Madras is a layered, considered response beyond the typical conservation project. Architecture, interior design and branding work in unison to create a cohesive experience that evokes a sense of time and place.

Project Synopsis #3 - 1 Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya

1Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya has eco-consciousness and sustainability at the heart of its brand vision and interior design. It draws inspiration from the rugged and raw beauty of the tropical Hainan island, often described as ‘China’s Hawaii’. Surfaces and materials used were locally sourced, reclaimed and upcycled. Natural light and ventilation were maximised and greenery seamlessly integrated to soften the boundaries of interior and exterior, reminding the guest of where they are and what is special about it.