Wong Ker How

Wong Ker How


Every project is an exploration of how we can rethink, remake, and reimagine. Reimagining and constantly evolving spaces to suit the everyday needs is what propel us, to improve our environment and our lives.
Project Synopsis #1 - Free, Fun, and Feline

We started with the idea of a wall-less house and used floor levels to divide spaces. The big open space is divided into two zones: the lower public zone with living and dining spaces in screed finish, and the elevated private zone with bedspace and study in timber finish.

The elevated platform is sculpted with steps, curves, and recesses to further define the subzones within it. The sculptural platform is ergonomically detailed with seating benches, reading corners, dresser tables.

Project Synopsis #2 - Hotel Soloha

Within the tight confines of the 3 narrow shophouses, we created an intense experience where every turn of a corner introduces a new space or a new artwork. We filled the hotel with colourful and playful graphical interpretations of the rainforest: a 13-metre-high hand painted artwork in the lift shaft turns the elevator ride into an immersive journey, while corridors are filled with bold graphical representations of wild flora and fauna. Neon creatures pop out from walls to surprise and delight.

Project Synopsis #3 - Stretch House

With very defined and restricted boundaries of the typical intermediate terrace, we wanted to rethink the typology by blurring the boundaries of programs, floor levels, room enclosures, daylight, and ventilation enclosures. Car porch is seen as a living room extension; air well is seen as a dining extension; library is seen as a family area extension; staircase is seen as a sculptural artery linking the different split levels in different directions.