Phillips M. Connor

Design Leader & Mentor
– Independent Consultants
– Bespoke Professional Design & Strategic Services
– In collaboration with The PaperSpace Collective Providing extended reach in cross-disciplinary specialties and throughout the region

Phillips is a well-known concept design visionary and mentor. He was an early pioneer in the development of the professional design industry in Southeast Asia, and has amassed 40 years of career experience in all areas of design for environments: Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Workplace, Institutional, Healthcare, and Public Space.

He pursues a particular interest in unique bespoke detailing and materiality development, often a signature aspect of his work. His extensive accomplishments include numerous awards for interiors projects, as well as for his work in furniture and accessories design.

In-depth visits passionately undertaken to every country in the world, have equipped him with a unique sensitivity and knowledge of diverse cultures. This inspires a finely tuned design acumen, resulting in an unparalleled point of view.

He is globally recognized for exceptional creativity over a wide range of project types, and for promoting the highest standard of professional ethics. His work may be experienced in completed installations throughout Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

Presently, Phillips focuses on creative strategy and concept development for developing firms and a select range of clients and projects requiring a unique perspective, and/or other aspects of convergence and innovation. He assembles bespoke teams to suit Clients’ and Projects’ needs precisely, from extensive industry contacts and resources developed over the course of his long career.

These services are delivered through his professional practice: Independent Consultants, and in cooperation with the collaborative group PaperSpace; providing extended reach in cross disciplinary specialties and throughout the region.