ID Accreditation Program

The successful completion of Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Roundtable 01 at the National Design Centre on 20 March 2020.

Chaired by SIDS President – Prof. Keat Ong and SIDS Accreditation Committee Chair – Ar. Lai Yee Ling, the event sees a stellar turnout by industry heavyweights across the 4 sectors from government agencies, trade associations, schools to the practitioners.

Complete List of Participants:

1.Mr. Larry NgBoard of Architects – Registrar
2.Ms. Rita SohArchitects Regional Council Asia – President
3.Mr. Mark WeeDesign Singapore Council – Executive Director
4.Ms. Cynthia LiauBuilding & Construction Authority – Senior Manager, BuildSG Office
5.Mr. Mark YongSingapore Furniture Industries Council – President
6.Er. Yvonne SohSingapore Green Building Council – Executive Director
7.Mr. Callistus ChongInstitute of Technical Education College – Senior Director, School of Design & Media
8.Ms. Veronica Yew Swee MengNanyang Academy of Fine Arts – Programme Leader Interior & Exhibition School of Art & Design
9.Mr. Alan OngNanyang Polytechnic – Deputy Manager
10.Mr. Colin ChewBCA Academy – Senior Lecturer
11.Mr. Chow Kim NamSingapore Polytechnic – Deputy Director
12.Mr. Fann Zhi JieSingapore Polytechnic – Course Chair Diploma in Interior Design
13.Mr. FranzRaffles Design Institute Singapore – Senior Lecture
14.Mr. Arsh ChaudhrySpace Matrix Design Consultants Pte Ltd – CEO
15.Mr. Khairudin SaharomKite Studio Architecture – Principal & Director
16.Ms. Ng Hwee LiLiid Studio Pte Ltd – Founder & Principal
17.Mr. Phillips M ConnorIndependent Consultants – Design Leader
18.Mr Low Chee Kiang932 Design – Co-Founder
19.Mr Jacks YeoDesign Singapore Council – Deputy Executive Director
20.Mr Daniel PillaiDesign Singapore Council – Senior Assistant Director

11. Mr. Chow Kim Nam (Singapore Polytechnic – Deputy Director)
12. Mr. Fann Zhi Jie (Singapore Polytechnic – Course Chair Diploma in Interior Design)
13. Mr. Franz (Raffles Design Institute Singapore – Senior Lecture)
14. Mr. Arsh Chaudhry (Space Matrix Design Consultants Pte Ltd – CEO)
15. Mr. Khairudin Saharom (Kite Studio Architecture – Principal & Director)
16. Ms. Ng Hwee Li (Liid Studio Pte Ltd – Founder & Principal)
17. Mr. Phillips M Connor (Independent Consultants – Design Leader)
18. Mr Low Chee Kiang (932 Design – Co-Founder)
19. Mr Jacks Yeo (Design Singapore Council – Deputy Executive Director)
20. Mr Daniel Pillai (Design Singapore Council – Senior Assistant Director)

It was a constructive 3 hours session of strategic discussions and engagements between the participants and SIDS.

Generally, all the participants were supportive towards the accreditation program. Some of the key pointers shared by the participants include the following:

The Accreditation Program:
  1. Provides a better and clearer career pathing for ID students when they graduate.
  2. Provides a more structured progression tiers for the ID fraternity.
  3. Provides consumers with better clarity on who they engaging which comes with different price points for consideration.
  4. Regulator, Practitioners, Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs) as well as Associated Trade Associations were all supportive of the initiatives which provides a clearer definition to the good work of IDs.