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Nicco has over 7 years of experience working on multiple architectural project typologies in established firms with the likes of WOHA Architects & Pomeroy Studio ranging from retail-commercial to high-rise residential developments. His previous exposures in numerous architectural & master planning competition projects as well has allowed him to extend his conceptual design capabilities with supported graphical flairs in his deliverables. Over the years in his career, Nicco developed a strong interest in the connection between the retail fashion realm and architecture. In 2020, Nicco forged his own creative outlet, Packe+ - A design studio that focuses on brand extensions and user experience through spatial design for retailers. The entity has allowed for him to plan, design and detail fit-out spaces, temporary structures & furniture that speaks for brands. Nicco has worked on a few unbuilt conceptual pop-up store projects that form the embodiment of his forte, experience in architecture and passion for retail aesthetics in small-scale project settings. Nicco’s eye for retail fashion & architectural aesthetics was the seed for his ability to design small-scale architecture for retail brands. His interest in building materials and fashion brand stories compliments retail architectural intents seamlessly. Nicco contributes in the design of the built environment through metaphorical details yet functional ones. With an eye for proportions and geometrical discipline, he is committed to provide a highly-sensible, realistic and retail-centric design approach to his design projects. Away from his desk, Nicco is also a self-taught music producer/audio engineer which he felt that the uncanny similarities are in the creative work details together with its discipline and precision in light of producing/designing masterpieces. Nicco occasionally blogs his musical production works online through a pseudo-moniker called Splitshifts – A name to commemorate his ability to find passion for both in the field of architecture & the arts. Packe+ (Retail Interior & Pop-up Store Architecture) -
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