SIDA Youth 2020 Finalist

* Names are not arranged in any ranking order

Project Title
1Best in Exhibition DesignOhayo Yakult! – Yakult Visitor CentreNanyang Academy of Fine Arts
The crossing pastRaffles Design Institute Singapore
YIKU PavilionRaffles Design Institute Singapore
Ink GardenNanyang Academy of Fine Arts
The Peranakan CollectiveSingapore Polytechnic
2Best in F&B DesignGlass VeganRaffles Design Institute Singapore
Harmony @ HawkerNanyang Polytechnic
Two-Ways at Albert StreetNanyang Polytechnic
Original RestaurantRaffles Design Institute Singapore
Eco-ReintegrationRaffles Design Institute Singapore
3Best in Hospitality DesignAMELIORATENanyang Polytechnic
Villa HamptonSingapore Polytechnic
Villa LuxeSingapore Polytechnic
4Best in Public Space Design1.618Singapore Polytechnic
GENESISNanyang Polytechnic
GREENFINGERSRaffles Design Institute Singapore
CO-EXISTENCENanyang Polytechnic
EXCHANGE at Arts HouseTemasek Polytechnic
5Best in Residential DesignTangziqiRaffles Design Institute Singapore
Living Simple LuxuryNanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Madeline KwanRaffles Design Institute Singapore
Home for the GenerationsGlasgow School of Art / SIT Singapore
S A N C T U A R Y P I E RNanyang Polytechnic
HDB DesignRaffles Design Institute Singapore
6Best in Retail DesignRough TradeSingapore Polytechnic
Through the LoopNanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Exploring the Infinite ImaginationNanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Shift to New DimensionNanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Magnetic AdvancementNanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Tea and Yoga WellnessSingapore Polytechnic
7Best in Workspace DesignTHERIANTHROPETemasek Polytechnic
InterLockRaffles Design Institute Singapore
Biophilia workspaceSingapore Polytechnic
Die LeereTemasek Polytechnic
An Upheaval of CultureTemasek Polytechnic
The Interconnected VoyageNanyang Academy of Fine Art
The ZephyrTemasek Polytechnic