2021 Twenty UNDER Forty-Five Award


The inaugural 20 UNDER 45 Award is supported by the Design Singapore Council (DSG) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG)

The award is SIDS’ highest honour in recognising interior designers at the age of 45 and below for their exemplary achievements in the fraternity.

The Award presentation ceremony will take place in coincide with the Singapore Interior Design Festival 2021 which will be held over one-month period from 18 June to 18 July 2021.

Please submit your nomination via the Nominator Form before 11th April 2021:

Nominees are required to submit your entry and relevant information via the Nominee Form before 11th April 2021:

Criteria and Eligibility


1. 20 UNDER 45 Award is SIDS’s highest honour in recognising designers below the age of 45 to recognise their contribution to the industry and is so awarded by a distinguished panel of juries.

2. Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) would like to recognise interior designers who have contributed through various medium and disciplines.

3. The award is conferred upon recipients once in their lifetime that have made a significant impact one or more of the following project areas:

3.1. Unlocking Economic Potential – Functional, innovative, or holistic design is weaved into business processes to achieve economic gains for clients, demonstrating strategic thinking.

3.2. Quality of Life and Environmental Consciousness – Projects should improve the quality of life of their communities as well as embrace the relationships between man and their environment.

3.3. Promoting Culture and Fostering Community – We are looking for publications highlighting or addressing cultural/heritage topics centred on community building and encouraging social interactions.

3.4. Achieving Breaking in Design and Application – We recognise the cutting-edge application of building materials or innovative design that pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking, uplifting the design industry's overall consciousness and public awareness.

3.5. Sustainability in Design – The sustainability principles, such as conservation, reuse, repurpose, are integrated into the project seamlessly, demonstrating mastery of the ideals.


4. Table of Timeline

SIDS’s 20 UNDER 45 Award - Timeline

Call for Nomination
23 February 2021 – 11 April 2021


Judging Period
12 – 25 April 2021

Final Nominees List
30 April 2021

Award Ceremony
16 July 2021, Friday


5. Participants are only qualified for the award based on nomination so conferred upon the nation's most distinguished designer(s) with a consistently excellent body of work, and who has made a significant impact in his/her industry.


6. All entries submitted as part of the participant’s portfolio must already be completed or realised by the submission deadline.

7. Past project submissions to Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) can be considered as one of the entry contents, if the nominee can substantiate or demonstrate the eight requirements mentioned in the submission formats.

8. Any work submitted which has not conformed to the proper instructions as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions is deem ineligible.

9. The Award Organiser in consultation with the panel jury reserves the right to reject entries on the ground of ineligibility mar the reputation of the Organiser and its jury, cause any concern on the issue of interests, etc.


10. Project must be nominated by at least one nomination letter authorised by a third party (i.e., client and well-recognised designer) in the industry. Self-Nomination is not allowed to participate in the award.

11. Nominator must be a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or Work Pass Holder in the design industry.

12. Nominee must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident in the design industry.

13. Nominee can be practising in either Singapore or overseas interior design industry.

14. Nominator must include a detailed citation of the Nominee as part of the submission.

15. Nominees must be registered with Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) or graduated from the accredited design institutes or universities.


16. Submission can be in the any of the stated four contents: -
(a) Projects
(b) Journals / Publications
(c) Movement / Campaigns
(d) Awards / Accolades

17. Submission can be located in either Singapore or overseas.

18. Submission content must clearly demonstrate application of one of the requirements below:

18.1. Projects that incorporate new, experimental, or unconventional materials, or projects that use conventional materials in pioneering ways. Projects may also involve innovative manufacturing and construction methods that unlock new ways to build or manufacture.

18.2 Sustainability is a concept that acknowledges the need to provide regenerating resources for future generations. In interior design, sustainability is demonstrated by providing design solutions to control the social, economic, and environmental footprints of a project.

18.3. Projects that involve renovating and effectively recycling an outdated premise. Project may include those that revitalise existing spaces or structures through thoughtful renovations for similar functions.

18.4. Design is an inherently collaborative field, but some projects push this remarkable attribute to new heights by reaching out of their own field to other professions far and wide.

18.5. Collaborations with artists and premises made for specific art installations are just some of the ways that spaces interfaces with the artists and their creations.

18.6. Creating an innovative retail environment has changed the consumer brand’s perception through the power of interior design. By dealing with the built environment and branded experiences in innovative ways.

18.7. Designer who has volunteered their skills and passions to address crises in collaboration with communities and bring vital hope to those in need. Projects in consideration may include, but are not limited to: refugee structures, temporary housing, rural infrastructure, hospitals, and schools.

18.8. Design can be a powerful tool for exchanging knowledge, whether through the environment it provides to a community or with design solutions that facilitate the learning process through journal publication or competition accolades.


19. All rights related to the name and trademark of the 20 under 45 award is managed and owned exclusively by Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS).

20. Any Participants seeking to use the related name and trademark must gain written consent from the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) Executive Committee.

21. Award recipients will be allowed to use the relevant 20 under 45 award logos, subjected to the approval of SIDS.

22. Nominees must be responsible for their own intellectual property (IP) and patent issues. The Organiser take no responsibility for any infringements of IP rights.

23. All Award recipients must agree to allow the Organiser to use any of their submissions and the right to reproduce any work for publicity purposes.

24. If any press, publications or media networks agree to publicise the Award recipients, the awardees further agree to absorb talent or other residual charges incurred by inclusion if required.


25. The jury process of the 20 UNDER 45 Award is designed to maintain the rigours in judging standard. The Panel jury is selected from academic, practitioners and past award winners to present a balanced opinion of the nominees.

26. Nominees are required to submit any five body of work, stating the role in the project for the jury to review. Submission documents for the call of Jury shall include the Contribution to Industry and Interior Designers’ community, and Philanthropy & Voluntary Work (such as speaker for conference, workshop, and education etc.) to the industry. The Nominator must mention any of the following considerations stated below in their nominations -

27. Value – Considering the key contributions that were being addressed by the Nominee’s body of work and the value (of project/product completed) or issues the Nominee is addressing.

28. Progress – Tell us how the contributions gives due consideration to the betterment of the society through economic, societal, environmental, educational or other areas of impact.

29. Innovation – That the Nominee’s contribution transformed and/or improved existing methods or designs to bring about greater effectiveness/efficiency.

30. Human-centricity – That the project/product designed for its users and detail the the Nominee’s work has met the users’ needs.

31. The jury’s decisions are made with their own discretion and are considered final. And the jury reserve the right not to confer awards if the submissions were found to be below par in meeting the criteria stated.


32. The nominees screening, publicity and various events leading to the award presentation ceremony are administered by SIDS’s organising committee, panel jury and supporting secretariat.

33. Award recipients are awarded a limited-edition trophy each and given the rights to use relevant 20 under 45 award logos, subjected to the approval of SIDS.

34. Recipients’ profiles will be distributed electronically to all Singapore design associations as well as other affiliated overseas design associations and as such the Recipients so consents to the distribution of such particulars/personal data of theirs.

35. All Recipients’ names will be permanently on the 20 under 45 Award e-Directory on SIDS’s website and our social media platforms.

36. Award presentation ceremony to take place during the SIDfest Symposium.

  1. 20 UNDER 45 Award is SIDS’s highest honour in recognising designers below the age of 45 to recognise their contribution to the industry and is so awarded by a distinguished panel of juries.
  2. Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) would like to recognise interior designers who have contributed through various medium and disciplines.
  3. The award is conferred upon recipients once in their lifetime that have made a significant impact one or more of the following project areas:
    1. Enabling Economic Transformation – that transform work experiences and businesses through innovative design strategies and processes, change management, innovative products, services, and experiences, etc.
    2. Improving the Quality of Life – in, but not limited to, housing, healthcare, lifestyle, public spaces, public (or publicly available) services, transport, education, etc.
    3. Advancing Culture, Community and Local Brands – that deal with culture and heritage, social and community projects, branding/re-branding, social inclusivity, social bonding, etc.
    4. Ground-Breaking Achievements in Design – that have pushed boundaries in crafts and technical excellence to achieve breakthroughs for the design industry in Singapore.
    5. Sustainability in Design – are required to demonstrate the care and consideration taken to include and address sustainability either through conservation, reuse, repurpose; or any other means to achieve the intention.