Why Be A Member
  1. When you join the Society of Interior Designers, you become part of an international network of interior designers.
  2. We are more than a professional organization. SIDS’s Vision and Mission has remained to contribute selflessly to the Interior Design Industry and Interior Designers of Singapore. The Society has chosen to evolve and be upgraded to stay relevant in this information-based and fast-tracked world of today.
  3. As a non-profit organization governed by law, the Society has not only to protect the standards of professionalism for Interior Designers, but to be able to resolve industry issues. It has a solemn duty to promote the creativity and professionalism of the Singapore Interior Design Industry to the world.
  4. Our new Council is made up of ID Professionals and Academics, who have selflessly stepped up to give of their time and share their work experience with all of us. We have celebrities on our team as well, including Colin Seah of MOD, Peter Tay of Peter Tay Studio and Isabelle Miaja of Miaja Design Group.
  1. SIDS-organised forums, events, seminars and workshops
  2. Regional and Local Events Programs – some offering Continuing Education Units
  3. International Seminars with renowned speakers
  4. Updates on latest developments in the industry
  5. SIDS e-newsletter, Hot Topics contains Singapore design news, articles on the latest trends, newest products and tips for improving your business.
  1. SIDS Membership Certificate/ Collar Pin identifies you as a current Interior Design Society member who accepts our Code of Ethics.
  2. Provides clients with knowledge they are working with a well-informed and educated designer
  1. SIDS Local Chapter meetings, activities, educational seminars and special events
  2. Link up with government agencies, local and international enterprises, design associations and professional creative individuals
  1. Gain access to relevant SME govt grants & financial assistance opportunities
  2. Employment-Student Bridging
  3. Access to designers job portal for easier recruitment
  4. Allows design companies to post short-term assignments
  1. Use of SIDS Shopfront Decal that identifies your membership and increase retail presence.
  2. SIDS Member mark on email signatures, online profiles, websites or printed material such as resumes or business cards to promote your membership in SIDS and your professionalism.
  3. Company listing on SIDS website and promotional collateral for the industry, enterprises and the general public
  1. SIDS protects your interests by supporting Design Singapore which could affect your right to practice interior design.
  2. SIDS Member mark could potentially provide further authority and trust for your organization since being a member of SIDS could empower your consumers, audience and clients to reach you easier through the SIDS Singapore website.
Overseas Network Bridging
  1. With several cities endorsing our society, we organise overseas trips for members for oversea networking bridging.
  2. Gain access to resources from local partners who worked overseas
  3. Member rates for oversea exchange orientation and programs
  4. Link up with overseas government agencies and updates on latest developments in the overseas industry
  1. Preferential rates for SIDS-organised awards, events, seminars and workshops
  2. Member rates for a wide range of products and services with industry partners
  3. Discounts on industry specific software and space planning templates
  4. Member rates to designer cafeterias and online store
Contribute to Society
  1. Volunteer Opportunities, make a difference, give back, use your skills and have fun!
  2. Members can offer to be critics, judges and grading to design students
  3. Members can offer material and resources to design schools for resources
  4. Members can offer sponsorships or scholarships to practising designers or students
  1. Endorsement, publicity, mention or patronage of design related events organized by members.
  2. Expand your business locally and regionally
  3. Gain media and branding opportunities in TV and magazines
  4. Recognition and promotion of members through SIDS communications including website, newsletter.
  5. Ability to participate in an independent international design forum provided by the SIDS.