Operation De-Covid-19
We will get through COVID-19 Together
Operation De-Covid-19

COVID-19 has brought great disruptions to our lifestyle and the livelihood of many on an unprecedented level.  This is particularly hard-hitting on our migrant workers who have been one of the key contributors to our economy.  Many of them have been affected by COVID-19.  During this time of hardship faced by our migrant workers, the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) stands in solidarity with them and would like to design t-shirts that can spark unity among the migrant workers as well as our fellow Singaporeans.

The message is clear, “We will get through COVID-19 Together”. While the overall message of overcoming COVID-19 will be highlighted in every design, every local business and community participating in this campaign will be listed on the back of the shirt.  SIDS has the ability to connect with prominent designers to come up with various T-shirt designs that would be stylish for Singaporeans to wear and to show support and solidarity for a common cause.

With the contribution from likeminded industry partners such as Admira, ATEC Design and Construction, Bathworld, Idee Etcetera, The Floor Gallery, Hitachi, ISH Interior Design, Keisuke, Luxx Newhouse, and MM Galleri on the needed funds for the printing of the t-shirts—SIDS together with the kind sponsors are pleased to make this campaign possible together with the support from MOM.

This is more than a T-shirt. This is about coming together as a community to show compassion and support to the migrant workers who have been instrumental in our country’s economic growth. We hope that the general population can be generous and support this good cause.