Outline of Talk IIID + SIDS Webinar

You can now watch back the weninar if you missed it!

S+PS Architects talk will focus on the similarities that both India and Singapore share through their location in the tropical South. But they go beyond mere location to shared traditions through the triad of Culture, Climate & Craft. These aspects and the way they have impacted the projects and design choices made, will be expounded through a few key projects of the firms work. Whilst all three are inextricably intertwined and cannot be seen in isolation and often combine and overlap in all our projects, we will try and focus on a single project that seems to be driven by each of these values.


The KALAGHAR or ArtHouse Apartment showcases how traditional Indian arts and crafts - both commissioned and bought - have been used throughout for a couple deeply interested in keeping these traditions alive.


Increasingly we see that living in the city is driving people to live in their sealed and isolated cocoons cut off from nature. The PAVILLION HOUSE offers an alternative to urban living that integrates nature in a duplex for this small family of three.


Culture is often seen as something static and a thing of the past alone but contemporary society also creates its own culture – not always desirable ones! One such is the vast amount of waste created by our society. COLLAGE HOUSE looks at how waste can be recycled/upcycled and brought into the realm of cultural production such that it can help reimagine society’s relationship with waste.

We will also call out the importance of IDEAS that underpin the work of the studio and go over and beyond all the above three.

Pinkish Shah | Shilpa Gore-Shah | S+PS Architects