Outline of Talk VDAS + SIDS Webinar
Theme: Smart ID in Our Heritage

Third episode of our IINN Webinar Series, jointly presented by Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) and VDAS Design Association - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

Entitled Smart ID in Our Heritage, our representatives from Singapore and Vietnam discuss the integration of technology and design, to protect the invaluable cultural heritage Singapore and Vietnam. The session sees keynote presentations by Andrew Currie from OUT-2 Design Vietnam, and Cris Cheng from Etcetera Design Singapore. This episode we are pleased to have a guest speaker Siddharth Bolurker, Senior Technical Specialist from Autodesk, sharing ground-breaking technology in design. Together with Singaporean and Vietnamese panelists Jackie Lai, SIDS Chair for Professional Engagement, and Danh Tran, VDAS Vice President.

Culture is often seen as something static and a thing of the past alone but contemporary society also creates its own culture – not always desirable ones! One such is the vast amount of waste created by our society. COLLAGE HOUSE looks at how waste can be recycled/upcycled and brought into the realm of cultural production such that it can help reimagine society’s relationship with waste.

You can now watch back the weninar if you missed it!