Cherin Tan

Cherin Tan


Design should be for the people and good design carries value beyond aesthetics.
This award celebrates our team (both past & present) that has believed in this philosophy and what we’ve achieved at LAANK. I hope we’ll continue to be recognised for our authenticity as we journey on together.
Project Synopsis #1 - VIOLET OON

Our intention was to create a “Singapore restaurant” identity. Being the doyenne of Peranakan cuisine, we drew inspiration from Violet herself, and wanted to interpret this iconic figure on a personal and intimate level.

The restaurant was meticulously designed to reflect the nature of Peranakan cooking; there are no short-cuts. The Peranakan tiles have been salvaged from old shophouses so as to keep things authentic and the feature wall of framed items tell the story of Violet’s life.

Project Synopsis #2 - O+

The idea was to create a store design that could reflect their legacy and showcase their artisanal approach. We designed a space that tells a story about the frames—the production process, the history of the business. The concept of “framing” guides the store design through and through, enabling the creation of various retail experiences of focal points. We used raw materials like felt and acetate sourced from their factories to reflect the timelessness and attention to craft.

Project Synopsis #3 - EPION

We wanted to create a clinic that promises to be both comfortable and indulgent—a place where the experience of being pampered is applied both to your body and your senses. Taking inspiration from the location Tudor Court and being inspired by the lavish luxury of the Art Deco period, Epion’s interiors parallel the era’s attention to detail. We paid particular attention to symmetry to echo how beauty is being defined in this field.