Leong Hon Kit

Leong Hon Kit


Wynk Collaborative
Good interior design is about creating spaces that not only serves the user well, but also enrich the greater environment and society, improving the lives of the people in and around it.
Project Synopsis #1 - GINLEE Studio store at Great World City / Retail / Singapore

The GINLEE Studio store is designed to be a quiet respite from the outside environment, with soft sinuous lines and a palette of off whites, pebble wash, and accents of wood and stainless steel. An inviting “outdoor” courtyard with lush greenery, bathed in a diffused white glow, forms the focal point of the store, drawing the eye of the visitor inwards as she enters.

Project Synopsis #2 - B Bar and Lounge / F&B / Singapore

B Bar & Lounge is an idiosyncratic and atmospheric sequence of spaces inspired by old drawing rooms, wine cellars, secret chambers and Italian Post-modernism. The journey begins at the long, narrow shop space of bottle shop, that leads to a mirrored wall at the end. To the knowing, the mirror slides open to reveal the hidden bar and lounge; the warm understated tones of the bottle shop explodes into a rich composition of colours, textures and shapes.

Project Synopsis #3 - Love Bonito Funan / Retail / Singapore

The Love Bonito store at Funan is a fun and tactile play on colours, texture and shapes, giving physical form to the virtual shopping experience of the much loved online retailer. Rooted in the retailer's mission to empower the modern woman, the store is designed to be both a retail and community space, peppered with multiple touch-points that not only helps the customer directly in various parts of the journey, but also engages the customer sensorially to create a fun and expressive shopping experience.

All project photos to be credited to Jovian Lim