Lionel Leow

Lionel Leow


TA.LE Architects
Great design generates positive users’ experience.
Getting recognized by fellow professionals of design and built environment is a great motivation for me and my team to continue to create design that positively influence social behavior and improves the lives of the community.
Project Synopsis #1 - Alexandria Maison @ Millenia Walk, Singapore

Alexandria Maison in Millenia Walk is envisioned to be a lifestyle shop for people who appreciate the fine quality of life. It strives to provide genuine designers’ products that differentiate themselves from designers inspired products. One important aspect of showcasing this vision is to provide a conducive environment to ‘house’ these products that enhances the experience of the shopper browsing and admiring the products. The interior design of Alexandria Maison @ Millenia Walk recreates the experience of a private gallery where the products are displayed as ‘collections‘ of the viewers.

Project Synopsis #2 - Nordic European Centre

Nordic European Centre is a project to retrofit an old building completed in the 90s - to transform the façade and common area, from one that is traditional to one that is forward looking, exciting and embraces the notion of collaboration, sharing and fosters community bonding. The new design caters to the Millenial workforce, where working is no longer totally desk bound. Hence, the design strives to provide a conducive environment for the new working style can be enjoyable and productive.

Project Synopsis #3 - The Loft House

The loft House design is a modern interpretation of a traditional tropical house which takes on the silhouette of a typical house in the Tropics, with the unmistakable pitch roof view from exterior and large overhang providing excellent shades for the interior. In the interior, the design emphasizes on bringing natural light to create an uplifting feel that improves the quality of space. The highlight of the house in placed in the centre – a double volume loft where the social gathering is designed to take place, where the owners will host their guests.