Si Jian Xin

Si Jian Xin


Wynk Collaborative
Good design involves a contextual understanding of how our perception can be manipulated to evoke an intangible sense of delight and wonder.
Project Synopsis #1 - Habitat / Retail and F&B / Singapore

Habitat is a technology-integrated shopping and dining destination, designed as a physical and experiential extension to an online grocery shopping app.

Located in an existing warehouse building, the space is conceived as an open-air market with multiple retail components and dining concepts laid out along meandering paths to allow for unexpected discoveries for the customer.

The facade walls were opened up to bring in daylight and greenery to add a sense of spaciousness and the outdoors, making the experience more than just transactional.

Project Synopsis #2 - Chatterbox Café at K11 Musea / F & B / Hong Kong

Chatterbox Cafe, located at K11 Musea in Hong Kong, is the first overseas outpost of the famed Chatterbox chicken rice from Mandarin Hotel.

Inspired by towkay social clubs that were prevalent in the early days of Singapore, the space is designed to be a casual and contemporary take on those old-world clubs; a place for friends and family to gather and make merry, with a touch of conviviality and warmth using rich colours and textures that evoke memories of old Singapore.

Project Synopsis #3 - AM Apartment / Residential / Singapore

A compact one-bedroom apartment is transformed into a living space rich in tactile qualities and maximized utility.

The dark blue stained wood veneer wall, with brass details, bisects the apartment into two parts, the living room and kitchen area, and the more private bedroom and bathroom. Rows of open shelving wrap around the top of the living room and kitchen drawing the eye up to the height of the space while emphasis is placed on detail and materiality of touch points.