Nithipong Subaneknan (Earth)

Director & founder of Myth Studio

Earth’s humble background, graduated as an interior architect from CU in Bangkok. Came straight to Singapore to start career life in 2007.

Passionate in universal design that serves diversely. Working in healthcare interior design since 2014, leads him to understand different needs of diverse group of people and gradually improves the knowledge in this landscape.

Founded Myth Studio in 2017 to practice Interior Design, focusing on Hospitality and Residential sectors. With Covid crisis hit in 2020, Earth saw the need to pivot. Without knowing what the future holds for him. And from then on, the world is wide open.

Like many design enthusiasts, Earth likes doing many different things. That’s motivated him to pursue his path towards multi-disciplinary design in practice. With award-winning design experiences, helping him to thoroughly understand what good design can impact behaviours and improve life quality at scales.

Earth believes “Design Thinking” is one of the most crucial skill needed to thrive in volatile environment now and in future where the world is evolving towards.