Welcome Message from the President

SIDS started in 1994 and is one of the oldest professional society to represent the Interior designers & interior design industry as a whole. As a non-profit organization that serve the interior design industry at a national level, we have set stringent tasks for ourselves to raise as well as to uphold the professional standards and reputation of the ID profession.

As a design and Creative strength in Asia and the world, Singapore is seen as a highly sophisticated city with a strong mix of international creative talents. As such, we must not be complacent and must work very hard to upkeep the current reputation we enjoyed.

As far as Interior Design profession is concern, it cannot depend solely on creativity alone but it is also about professional competency. Thus, we applause Design Singapore Council for taking the initiative to push for the accreditation of the ID profession. The Society is backing this initiative fully and is ever-ready to collaborate with the Singapore Design Council at any point to promote and to enforce the outcome.

Singapore, as we all know is a tiny small red dot on the world map, we do not have natural resources of our own. Our prosperity relies heavily on the service industry. Creative service is one of the fastest growing industry in the world right now and Singaporean as well as Singapore- based firms should take the lead in carving out new paths into foreign territories.

Exportation of our services is the key point here. From geographic point of view, we are in fact very small, so is our domestic market in comparisons with the stiff competition we are facing amongst ourselves. Thus, under the current society leadership, we are going to carve out a forward-thinking, outward-looking strategy to allow the society to act as a bridge for our good talents to be exported beyond our local shores.

Singapore designers have a lot inside our treasure chests. However, we first have to learn how to share before we want to take anything from anyone at anywhere. This has always been in line with what our government have been doing for the past decades. We have given a lot to the regions as well as the rest of the world with our technical know-how and our valuable experiences. We have a lot to share. Let’s continue this good legacy and good virtue that our predecessors have carve out for us.

The society will work with other professional bodies of different foreign cities to share and exchange knowledge for the betterment of our beloved profession. Going in line with our strategy , the council have also revised the traditional membership structure to allow foreign (but non-voting) memberships to add to the diversity of the society.

Right thinking and good practice have to be cultivated early. Therefore,the society will also be working with schools that provide interior design education to ensure that the future generations of practitioners can enjoy enriching and prosperous careers ahead of them in many years to come.

Thank you and let’s work towards a common goal of making the world a better place through our profession.

Prof. Ong Sheng Keat
Society of Interior Designers – Singapore